Trip Planning

To assist in making your travel plans, we offer links to the following websites:

Where to Stay Before and After Your Cruise
The French Government Tourist Office at has information on all the towns and cities in France with links to hotel websites. We recommend the following hotels for pre or post cruise stays within the cruising area.

For Beziers Pick up/Drop off
Nearest large town - Montpellier: Hotel Le Guilhem
Beziers: Countryside: Chateau les Carrasses

For Carcassonne Pick up/Drop off
Nearest large town - Toulouse: Grand Hotel de l'Opera
Carcassonne: Hotel de la Cite
Elegant B&B's: Demeure St. Louis
In the Nearby Countryside: Domaine d'Auriac, Chateau de Cavanac

For Narbonne Pick up/Drop off
If you are planning to arrive the day before your cruise, Narbonne offers a Sunday morning street market, as well as other shopping, good overnight accommodations, and restaurants.
Recommended Hotel: Moulin du Gua, (a Clarion Suites hotel)

Travel To and From the Barge
You will embark on your cruise Sunday at 4:00 pm. Departure time is 10:00 am Saturday. On arrival and depature, you will be transported to/from a local train station, hotel, or car rental agency. The fast track TGV train is the best way to get from major cities to the barge. TGV fast trains and regular trains service Beziers and Carcassonne Pick up Drop off points. You can find schedules and buy tickets online at either or

Toulouse and Montpellier have international airports. Carcassonne and Perpignan also have RyanAir/Easy Jet low cost regular flights to London and Paris. An additional fee applies for airport transfers. Rental cars are in all the towns.

Travel Insurance
We strongly recommend purchasing Travel Insurance to cover all parts of your journey. If you need to cancel due to illness, you'll be able to recoup the cost of your barge trip, which Canals of France cannot refund. Contact your own insurance agent, AAA, or

Weather Predictions
A handy site for checking weather forecasts is We recommend bringing a comfortable pair of walking shoes, and informal clothing. Tango's passengers will want to include a bathing suit for the on-deck spa.

Internet Access and Cell Phones
Call your cell phone company and/or Internet service provider and pre-arrange rates for the duration of your travels if you intend to bring your mobile devices. There is Wifi on board for accessing emails.

Bank Cards and Money Exchange
Call your bank and advise them you’ll be using your credit and/or debit card(s) in France. Posting a Travel Alert will avert cancellation due to suspicion of fraudulent use.

We recommend you use Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) to withdraw cash, and not change Dollars to Euros at a bank. Make sure your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is four digits long. Check with your bank regarding transaction fees for withdrawals and credit card purchases. For instance, Bank of America has an agreement with BNP bank in France and does not charge a transaction fee for cash withdrawals.

Check for the current exchange rate. Prices for Boutique Hotel Barge deposits and balances due are subject to change following Dollar / Euro fluctuation.